Saturday, July 15, 2017

God and Buddhism

First of all, I want to say, as a Buddhist, I don't believe in God, I just try to follow the teachings of Buddha, even though I'm this imperfect person that I am.  Furthermore, Buddha never said he was God; he was just an enlightened one.

Why some people can't accept another person for what they've chosen to believe when it comes to religion or their spiritual path, I'll never know.  And why some of them think only their way is right, and everyone else will be condemned if they don't believe as they, is something else I'll never know.

There are many books out there, does that mean only one holds the truth.  Those who believe it does, carry on, I'm happy for you but, please don't look at me with your judgmental eyes or preach to me, just because my path differs from yours.

I'm not here to cast judgment on anyone, and I'm certainly not here to try to convert others over to becoming a Buddhist, my main reason I'm here is to have a heart of compassion for everyone including myself.

Some time back, a woman saw me wearing my "Mala Beads" Buddhist Prayer Beads.  When she saw that, she said, "I thought you were a Christian!"

"No," I told her, "I've been a Buddhist for years."

She then asked, "Where will you go when you die!"

"That all depends on my karma in this life," I said.

Furthermore, I explained, "I don't believe our soul ever dies, life is like a wheel that goes around continuously."



  1. I firmly believe that only a perfect person has the right to make judgements about others. And I don't know any perfect people.

  2. Beautiful name for your new blog Lon.
    I enjoy seeing others happy when they make a choice to be who they are and enjoying their lives.
    I watch many documentaries on Buddhism and have always enjoyed the teachings of The Enlightened One. What a remarkable person he was.
    I will enjoy visiting here Lon. I feel the peaceful nature of this blog already. Best wishes my friend 💮

  3. Thank you, Jan, for I greatly appreciate your kind heart!