Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Negative Thoughts and Letting Go

I've been noticing lately that when someone has tried to upset me with their words, I've had a tendency to grab hold of their negativity.  Once I opened up to my true state of mind as to what was actually taking place when I grabbed on, I realized I can let such thoughts go, and better yet, don't grab hold of such thoughts in the first place.  There are actual times now, when someone tries to pass on their negativity to me that I actually start laughing inside, thinking . . . oh what a poor soul.


  1. For some reason I find it much easier to believe/accept negative commentary. I am getting much better at refusing to accept it - one of the huge benefits of getting old (and perhaps wiser).

  2. negative nancys suck; I try to avoid them.

  3. People can't bring you down without your permission. I try and maintain a positive mental attitude at all times, even though I'm not always successful.