Tuesday, August 22, 2017

If You Don't Mind

The other night there was a person I came in to contact with that started weeping non-stop.

I just kept quiet.

When she finally stopped, she began telling me about those who kept abusing her verbally, by playing on her emotions, the emotions they knew would upset her.

She then asked, what is it that I can do to put an end to letting them get under my skin.

I told her, I too, used to be just like her, until finally . . . I let go!

Informing her:

If you don't mind, it doesn't matter.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Freeing My Mind

Ah . . . the dark morning hours,
Are here again,
To where I can free my thoughts,
Once again,
Flying high,
Like an eagle,
Across the land,
I see people dancing,
And hear them laughing,
Which brings me great delight,
But most of all,
This peace I feel,
Within these moments I'm in.

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

I Love Thunderstorms

I love when the rain falls so heavily to where it's almost zero visibility, the smell of the rain, and the sound of the thunder when it comes crashing down, it's better than any fireworks I've ever heard, especially at night into the early morning hours while sitting by candlelight or when lying in bed.

Perhaps because when I was younger, my mother always made it exciting for us, instead of giving in to fear!  Oh yes, the sound of the thunder makes me jump for an instant, but, I guess that's the exciting part I love the best!

Tonight here in Minneapolis Minnesota the rain has been falling quite heavily but, a few early morning hours ago, the thunder roared!  Oh . . . how I love what that does for me!

Sunday, August 13, 2017

Once Again

What you're about to read is my haiku poem along with another poem I wrote tonight that came to me once I emptied my mind, once again.

Sitting in darkness,
A cloud above passes by.
Moonlight spreads its wings.

My mind has drawn a blank,
Like the bait on a hook,
With no expectation,
As to what's to come.

Now I'm bathing in darkness,
Not knowing truly,
Where I am,
Or what's ahead,
For my mind has become blank,
Once again.

Until suddenly,
The moonlight above,
Spread its wings,
Down upon me.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Taking Time Out for One's Self

Taking time out for one's self I believe is of great importance!

If you're like me, you work hard for your money, which I'm thankful to have a job but, making money isn't everything, this is why when my job is done for the day, or when I have some time off, I LOVE TAKING TIME OUT FOR MYSELF!  Those who know me, or have read some of my posts, you know just how I do that but, we all have our preference as to what works for us, therefore, I highly encourage you all to find what works for you in order to take that time out for yourself as long as you're not hurting others or yourself.


Sometimes our WORLD, is what we make it!

May you all find peace, happiness, and freedom in wherever that place might be for you.


Tuesday, August 8, 2017

Ah . . . Finally the Night Has Come

Ah . . .
The night has come,
To where,
I can free my thoughts,
Allowing room . . .
For others to get in.
As I sit quietly,
I just wait,
For what's to come,
In this empty mind,
Of mine.
The morning hours will come,
To where,
I can also sit quietly,
Emptying my mind,
Once again,
To what . . .
Lies ahead.

Monday, August 7, 2017

Fear Is The Biggest Enemy

And fear,
Are two different things!

Thursday, August 3, 2017


I feel laughter is one of the best medicines there is!

Some years ago I read about an elderly woman that was diagnose with terminal cancer that only had a few months to live seeing her cancer was full fledged according to her doctor.  She started watching sitcoms, stand-up comedians, television shows, and movies that all had to do with comedy to make her laugh, for she decided she may as well enjoy her life before she goes.  Only after a month of her diagnosis, she went to visit her doctor again and found out she no longer had cancer of whatsoever, the cancer was no where to be found!

This is one of the reasons . . .


At around 5:00 this morning I decided to go to YouTube to see if there was anything funny I could watch.  To my surprise, I came across Gabriel Iglesias, who I've never seen before.  I feel he's one of the best comedians I've ever seen!  Thank you, Gabriel Iglesias, for getting me to laugh!

Later in the day, I had my wife watch him as well, and she fully enjoyed his comedy too!

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Letting Go of Fear

There have been times I've had so many thoughts racing through my external mind that had to do with fear, to the point that I couldn't take anymore, until all those thoughts completely vanished to where I had no thoughts at all, for my mind became totally blank.  The reason why, is because without my knowing, I returned to my True Nature of Mind.  The choice is ours, we can let such thoughts of fear go when everything seems to be crashing down around us, or we can grab hold of such thoughts continuing to live in our external mind, or choose to live in our True Nature of Mind that's not associated with such thoughts of fear.